Cpt. LaHave's Treasure Hunt and Silent Auction

Cpt. LaHave’s Treasure Hunt and Silent Auction is the biggest PRO Kids fundraising event of the year! This event will hold many activities for both youth interaction and parental engagement.  Some of the activities/ amenities include; treasure hunt, live music/ entertainment, food/ beverage stand, face painting, a picture board, and silent auction.  With goals of showcasing the amazing charity and providing fun for the entire family, we’re excited to showcase our commitment to recreation and fun here on the South Shore with a treasure hunt for the ages! Summer is an excellent time to get outdoors with your family and friends, and this event allows people to do so. If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to get involved in your community, Cpt. LaHave’s Treasure Hunt and Silent Auction is a great platform for organizations and community members to make an impact in the upbringing of a child’s life. The District of Lunenburg Recreation Department invites you to be part of the excitement!

This event will be held at the MARC in Dayspring!  To attend, children administration costs is $2, adult cost is $5, and to purchase a family administration pass which covers 5 peoples entry for $10. The event is held on Friday August 10.

All donations to support PRO Kids are welcome!

What is PRO Kids?

PRO Kids stands for Positive Recreation Opportunities for Kids. It was developed by the City of Thunder Bay, Ontario and is now implemented in many communities across Canada. PRO Kids provides financial assistance to children and youth from the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg who, due to lack of funds, are unable to participate in recreation opportunities provided! Including but not limited to; sport teams, music, art, other recreation opportunities, and assistance with cultural activities. This program strives to remove financial barriers to ensure every child and youth has an opportunity to participate in all fields of recreation.

If you would wish to donate or seek any further information on the event please contact us at (902) 530-3285.