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Council and CAO expenses are posted to the website within 30 days of the completion of each fiscal quarter. This routine disclosure of these expenses is intended to enhance transparency and accountability. All expenses are subject to Policy MDL-19 and MDL-03.

A few important notes:

  • The Municipality encourages our Council members to engage in professional development activities, such as training, workshops, or conferences. Professional development is an excellent way for Councillors to improve their skills in municipal leadership.
  • As our Municipality covers a significant area, some Council members live in and represent areas much further from the Administration building than other Councillors. This accounts for mileage discrepencies between Council members.

Read pdf Policy MDL-19 - Reimbursement of Educational and Training Expenses of Council Members (74 KB)

Read pdf Policy MDL-03 - Council Members' Remuneration & Expenses (524 KB)

PositionBase RemunerationAllowanceTotal for Fiscal 17/18
Mayor $31,313 $15,655 $46,968
Deputy Mayor $21,918 $10,958 $32,876
Councillor $16,428 $8,213 $24,641


Expenses for Mayor Carolyn Bolivar-Getson

District 1 - CouncillorDistrict 1

Expenses for District 1 Councillor Eric Hustvedt

District 2 - CouncillorDistrict 2

Expenses for District 2 Councillor Martin Bell

District 3District 3 - Councillor

Expenses for District 3 Councillor Lee Nauss

District 4District 4 - Councillor

Expenses for District 4 Councillor John Veinot

District 5District 5 - Councillor

Expenses for District 5 Councillor Cathy Moore

District 6District 6 - Councillor

Expenses for District 6 Deputy Mayor Claudette Garland

District 7District 7 - Councillor

Expenses for District 7 Councillor Wade Carver

District 8District 8 - Councillor

Expenses for District 8 Councillor Michael Ernst

District 9District 9 - Councillor

Expenses for District 9 Councillor Reid Whynot

District 10District 10 - Councillor

Expenses for District 10 Councillor Errol Knickle


Expenses for Tom MacEwan (after September 2019)

Expenses for Former CAO Kevin Malloy (prior to July 2019)