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The LaHave River is an estuarine river in southern Nova Scotia that has a history of both fluvial and coastal flooding. Heaving rain and snowmelt can cause the river to overflow its bank, flooding the rural communities and roads within the watershed, while storm surge and sea-level rise can cause flooding near the coast; when a heavy rainfall event is combined with a storm surge, infrastructure within the watershed is especially at risk.

This study is being conducted for the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg to determine the risk of flooding from the LaHave River runoff and from storm surge. The analysis incorporated high-resolution lidar elevation data, bathymetric river data, and river cross-section information. These data were merged to generate a seamless digital elevation model (DEM) which was used, along with river discharge and tidal elevation data, to run an intergrated one and two-dimensional hydrodynamic model to produce flood risk predications for the LaHave Watershed.

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