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January 10, 2023 / For Immediate Release

MUNICIPALITY OF THE DISTRICT OF LUNENBURG, NOVA SCOTIA – The Municipality of the District of Lunenburg, along with the municipalities of Chester and Queens, undertook a Business Retention and Expansion (BR+E) survey for business owners this past fall.

The goal of the survey was to better understand the plans and needs of local businesses and how business owners or managers view the community as a place to do business. MODL is pleased to report that the Municipality exceeded regional and national scores in many areas.

MODL’s Net Promoter Score of +31% was well above the regional average of +21%. The Net Promoter Score is a widely used market research metric. MODL was scored on the question I would recommend this Municipality to another business looking to expand or relocate. Of 100 respondents, 91% somewhat agree or strongly agree with this statement. To the question, Overall, how satisfied are you with The Municipality as a place to own and operate a business? 95% of respondents somewhat agree or strongly agree.

MODL scored the highest in the areas of Municipal marketing efforts to advertise the region (social media, web presence, etc.) (87% somewhat or strongly agree), Ability of the Municipality to attract tourists (85% somewhat or strongly agree), Ability of the Municipality to attract new residents (85% somewhat or strongly agree), and Availability of retail space (85% somewhat or strongly agree).

MODL scored lowest in Availability of skilled labour (31% somewhat or strongly agree) and Availability of health and medical services (33% somewhat or strongly agree).

As identified by survey respondents, their top priorities for MODL are:

1. Availability of health and medical services
2. Availability of adequate housing
3. Availability of funding programs for business and property improvement

The Municipality is working to address these concerns, with over 700 new residential units being planned for Osprey Village and the newly announced Lumia Health Collaborative Health Care Centre. These efforts will help address the top priority issues and contribute to MODL’s ability to attract additional skilled and unskilled workers.

MODL outperformed the national average on businesses’ ratings of many of the Business Health Index sub-scores, including historical revenue changes, community recommendation
and changes in business attitudes (765 versus a national average of 743 and a regional average of 749).

“The valuable information provided by our local businesses will be used to plan economic development activities focused on their top priorities,” says Mayor Carolyn Bolivar-Getson. “These businesses provide employment, services, and vibrancy to our community, impacting the day-to-day lives of all our residents. We look forward to digging deep into the survey responses to develop action plans to continue meeting the needs of our existing and future businesses.”

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