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June is Recreation and Parks Month

Whereas, in the District of Lunenburg, recreation practitioners are continually working to create and grow accessible local recreation and parks options, and providing opportunities to explore in our backyards; and

Whereas, participating in recreation helps to connect interpersonal relationships, support healthy, active lives across the lifespan, celebrate our diverse cultures while creating opportunities to learn, grow and self-reflect; and

Whereas, our parks, green spaces and trails provide places to be in nature, learn about local ecosystems, and continually respect, maintain, and preserve Mi'kma'ki where we live, work and play;

Therefore, on behalf of the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg, I do hereby proclaim the month of June, 2021 to be Recreation and Parks Month in the District of Lunenburg,acknowledging the year round benefits of Parks and Recreation in our communities.

Click pdf June is Recreation and Parks (259 KB) Month for copy of Proclamation.