public works

The majority of public roads in the Municipality are owned and maintained by the Province of Nova Scotia, Department of Transportation and infrastructure Renewal. Please direct maintenance inquiries to the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal (NSDOTIR) Hebbville operations base at (902) 543-8169, and general inquiries to the Lunenburg/Queens NSDOT Area office at (902) 543-4121.

The Municipality currently owns and maintains approximately 10 kilometres of public roads. These roads are public roads created by means of subdivision or transfer from private ownership after April 1, 1996. All are gravel-surfaced with the exception of Champlain Drive, Chemin Petite Evangeline and Nathan Cirillo.

These roads are as follows:

  Road Name Community
1 Jippie Avenue Pine Grove

Billie Lane

Pine Grove
  *Billie Lane Extension Pine Grove
3 Jessie Lane Pine Grove
4 Sunset Crest Pine Grove
5 Whitley Drive Pine Grove
6 Jenny Drive Pine Grove
7 Damara Drive Pine Grove
8 White Avenue

Pine Grove 

9 Champlain Drive Pine Grove
10 Chemin Petite Evangeline Crt Pine Grove
11 Nathan Cirillo Drive Pine Grove
12 Whisperwood Drive Hebbville
13 Toma Drive Italy Cross
14 Summer Road Italy Cross
15 Schooner Drive Auburndale
16 Clipper Drive Auburndale
17 Meldrum Avenue Conquerall Bank
  *Meldrum Avenue Extension Conquerall Bank
18 *Concordia Drive Conquerall Bank
19 Buena Vista Drive Conquerall Bank
20 Aspen Court Conquerall Bank
21 Homestead Estates Drive Italy Cross
22 Ocean Stone Drive Garden Lots
23 Driftwood Court Garden Lots
24 Harold Whynot Road Oakhill 
25 Craig Chandler Drive  Oakhill 
  *New in 2017  


Typical winter maintenance for the public gravel roads include snow plowing and sanding for ice control. The public asphalt roads are snow plowed and salted for ice control.

Typical summer maintenance on public gravel roads include gravel and grading, dust suppressant application, drainage ditching, cross-culvert repairs and brush removal.

All work and traffic signage on these roads is controlled through the Municipal Director of Engineering and Public Works. This includes construction of driveway culverts.

Driveway culvert construction and maintenance is the responsibility of the property owner. However, all construction must be approved by the Municipality. Municipal Public Road Breaking Soil PermitCulvert Rock Standards / Culvert Precast Standards

New municipal public roads can be created either by the subdivision of land, or by the turning over privately owned roads to the Municipality. In either case, new roads must be designed and constructed to the Municipal public road standard. Click here for Municipal Public Road Design.

For more information on municipal public road maintenance, construction of driveway culverts at municipal public roads and construction of new municipal public roads please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at (902) 541-1331. For information on subdivision development, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at (902) 541-1334.