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Approximately 12% of the Municipality's land falls within an area where there are zoning regulations. Zoning regulations outline permitted uses for the area in compliance with the appropriate Land Use By-law.

The Land Use Control Map shows areas of the Municipality with zoning regulations.

If you live in any of the following communities, your property may be governed by a Land Use By-law:

Each Land Use By-law has a zoning map which indicates which zone the property is in and the regulations that will apply.

To confirm zoning for a property, either consult the appropriate zoning map or contact the Municipality's This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If zoning information is required specific to a property and provided in writing, the Municipality of Lunenburg requires the appropriate request form to be completed accompanied by the necessary fee. Details on the location of the property and the intended use will be required to provide the correct information.

A zone may have a list of uses permitted by Development Agreement. A Development Agreement is a legal contract between a landowner and Municipal Council that controls various aspects of the Development, such as hours of operation, amount of parking, landscaping, etc. A Development Agreement would be used for those types of land uses that would not normally fit the existing land use pattern and not otherwise be a permitted use in the zone (i.e. an industrial use in a residential zone).

A Development Agreement enables Council to exercise more specific control over the development to ensure that it conforms to the character of the existing community.

Public consultation is a required part of a Development Agreement. A Development Agreement cannot be approved by Council until such time as the public has been consulted. This provides the community with an opportunity to have input into how a development occurs within their community.